Glastonbury 2023

If you’re struggling for something to watch this Father’s Day,fear not,Glastonbury webcam is on

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Runners and riders at this year’s show.

Matt will be bitterly disappointed that Right Said Fred aren’t on…


I’m even more disappointed Rick Astley, Texas and the Manic street wingers ARE on.


Gabriels and Leftfield will keep me happy

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Cat Myers is (as usual) on drums for Texas, then she has to leg it across to the “nutter” tent for blastbeats with Benefits - her other job.

Thought it was a pretty dire line up compared to last year, though I’m sure there will be some pleasant surprises.

Only thing I will make sure I watch is Slowdive on what was the John Peel stage.:+1:

Considering the ‘markets’ .

Rick Astley, Appeal to ironic millennials, supposed ‘fun’

Manic Street Wingers - Appease the Welsh contingent (Lots of the Welsh at Glasto)

Texas - I’m stumped here, honestly who?

The deaf Weegie contingent, or people who hate music?

Wonder if Rick will go full morrissey again

40 million rekids apparently. :flushed:

Humanz can be a disappointing bunch.

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Watching billy nomates on Iplayer
Always forget to use Iplayer for Glastonbury

Gabriels on at 5.30 today

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Foos on at 6.15

Doing a decent job of it, too :metal:

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Foos were meh.
They can all play, but it’s bland.

Lots of stoned rock lumps luvvin it. The bass moved your stomach, mind.

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Nothing wrong with being a rock lump.

Can I recommend that Sir reports to see Benefits? Just walked on this moment, 7.30.

Guaranteed not bland.

Sir needs food and the crowds are insane.
Hard to get anywhere.
Fancy sparks but I can’t see me making the distance to get back for the top billing.

Might amble up the hill to watch RB with the sitty down folk and rest my feet!