Glenfiddich Winter Storm 21 Year old Batch 1

Not sure if anyone is interested here, but to save me the trouble of sending this off for auction thought I would offer it up.

This is the experimental series of whisky from Glenfiddich, with the last 6 months of its 21 years being spent in icewine tasks. Icewine is grapes that are picked at -10c, if you haven’t tried any yet, you really should, especially the pudding wines! I believe these barrels came from the vineyard at Niagara.

I had two bottles of this, one for drinking and one for keeping. Now the time has come to sell the keeping one. The first batch literally sold out in seconds as did the second and third. Very very tasty whisky.

You will see a few of this batch 1 for sale for stupid money at the places that have them left in stock:

Based off the estimate for auction and taking off fees, I think £220 delivered is fair.