Good reasons to own a U-Boat

This might be of interest to @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi.

A prog cruise from Hull to Amsterdam…FTW. What could possibly go wrong:




Is it a round-the-world cruise?

Would need to be to get through all that lot of turgid wank. :slight_smile:

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Hull to Amsterdam? They won’t get half way through the introductory flute prologue :roll_eyes:


Make up your own gags !!

Jethro Hull


Yer maw.

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Via Cape Verde or perhaps Cape Horn ?

That’s how it’s done. Masterful.

Reckon you’ve been waiting since '87 to use it tho.

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Sure there is a windward passage gag in here somewhere.

If nothing better comes along, I could always crack my Weigh Anker gag.

I’ll keep it in reserve.

Looks like it will be cancelled. Wizards can’t swim.

They could “Sail on a Topographic Ocean”.

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Given the bling decor of cruise ships, it will be a Gilt Machine.