Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)



Sorry, your OP doesn’t really do it for me.


Wouldn’t have been my choice of movie…


Islington council,who gave up there own xmas party to fund one for elderly residents.


This brought a tear to my eye this morning…


Fans are trying to get it nominated for Premiership goal of the month.


I hope it happens. The little fella has such a happy face considering all he’s going through.





This is a good news story.

I do find the ill informed bs we’ve been spoonfed by Western media (few of whose reporters were actually even there) for the past 5 years or so somewhat depressing. They had a particular narrative they had to get across regardless of what was actually happening over there.



Aye, but did he check his pockets afterwards?


Either I have missed something in the translation or you are a member of the South Yorkshire Police. I’m not particularly convinced you are that funny here though.



hhmmm …not nice…


agree :+1:


Apologies. I agree. Just that I had a nasty experience in Liverpool many moons ago. Please accept my humblest apologies - it was, indeed, a crass comment and well out of order.




This as an exemplar of how Sting, Bono and James Morrison’s records might be best dealt with. Interesting read too.


Further to my groveling apology for being a right cunt (and thanks to all of you who accepted it) the crowd at the match last night - both 'pool and Plymouth - showed more greatness than I ever could when they ALL joined together for a minutes applause for the son of the Plymouth supporter who died. I was listening on the radio and felt ashamed !.
In future I will try my very best to engage brain before potty-mouth