Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)

Logan is the witch

not often that Ryanair does anything to brighten my day but:

Nothing there?

Works for me, heres a screenshot.

Must need a twitter acct. Don’t have one.

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I do but I can’t see it either.

It’s been deleted:

Can’t think why… :smirk:

Er, it’s some chairs.

WTF? :crazy_face:


Who is William?

I’ve heard tell he’s summat do do with an arrow and an apple.


I am not sure that it resores my faith in humanity but it is a good thing

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Pray tell?

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Excellent, should never have been in doubt.

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This. Fucking class.


BBC News - Kayaker Nick Ray: I’ll paddle off to sea and not come back for a year

Post to Pillar?

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