Google and Gmail problem

My iPad was constantly crashing on certain websites and in order to cure it I took advice and changed various things in settings - Safari.
When I went to log on to my Gmail account I entered my email address and it did not move to password but just kept cycling a blue strip.
When I tried to sign in to the google page same thing, ie stuck with this blue loop.
Does anyone know how to cure this?
I get Gmail on my Android phone. No problem.
I have fingerprint log on and identification.

Usual first step - restart the tablet

Aah, the engineer reset…

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I’ve done that, nothing changed.

What version of iOS are you on Dave? Mine is iOS 14.7.1 and no issues at all.

I have the same.
I had no problem until I tried to fix my problem with the crashing of my some of my web sites and I tried to fix it by using Settings- Safari.

Maybe do a backup and then a full reset?

How do I do a back up?

If you go to settings, search for backup, iCloud Backup will come up, enable it if it’s not already done and you should be ok for saving your data.

You will have to go through the rigmarole of setting up again after the reset, but all your stuff should be there.

What settings did you change?

You could consider taking it to an Apple store and asking them to help, they’re generally pretty good at that.

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Cheers Adam I might try that.

Done that and nothing changed then I went back into Settings fiddled around and got Google mail back and Google (but not in Safari).