Grand Tour

Anyone get a chance to watch it yet??

Won’t spoil it but just trying to work out why Hammond didn’t slow down? :thinking:

Watching it tonight… The trailers look good.

Half way through the last series I stopped watching it.
There is only so much annoying pricks doing formulaic idiocy I can watch.


I believe the tent bit is ditched in the new series, which is a good decision imo.

The first episode didn’t have the big-budget bombast of the opener of the previous season. May’s haircut makes him look like a wazzock. The guest part was too long. Hammond’s crash is genuinely edge of the seat stuff. How he survived is astonishing.

It’s Top Gear, it is what it is, Clarkson is a twat etc etc

Not another TG / Clarkson thread?!

There are Infinite numbers of them where the same opinions abound.


I watched some of it but James May’s face, especially the crows feet around his eyes, really annoyed me during the studio tent sections - has he had a tuck and lift?



The trio are worth being on TV just to watch the clarkson haters go into a frothing meltdown, I always like the TG / GT threads on pfm as there is a lot of hatred for clarkson there.




Is that an order?

Not one that most of you need.

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We haven’t got Prime :cry: although I’ve enjoyed a few of the silly clips on facebook :grin:

If you enjoy Clarkson based rubbish, buy a few things from Amazon, and want to enjoy their free music streaming, then give it a go…

The fire stick is great, HD or 4K versions available, plus they include a remote with Alexa talk to tech! Iirc you get a free month so give it a go!