Graph - Faff: XTZ Room Analyszer

Thanks to @catcando I’ve been able to have a quick go measuring the room response from my new speakers.

Problem is I’m sure its not giving me a true result and I’ve probably not clicked or selected something important and obvious.

The room analyzer measure comes back with ‘no room nodes found’ and this result (or lack of) -

The corresponding waterfall looks like this -

So anyone got enough experience with this kind of thing to quickly tell me what I’m doing wrong to not get an actual realistic measured result?

Test that the microphone actually works in Windows. Go into the sound settings, it gives you a live indication of microphone level.

Once you can see it’s working, you may need to change the gain as well.

Yeah the mic works and pics up changes in sound levels etc.

I’ve whacked the gain up so that it hits 75-85db but the damn thing still gives me no reading.

I tried some windows eq software, and my experience was it needed volume levels that were absolutely deafening - too loud to stay in the room with it.

So the bar on the left goes up to 80dB? Thing is, that’s probably uncalibrated. As it is, it looks like the reading is too low. Just turn up the microphone gain until it clips, then back off a bit.

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Switched to REW and had no problem getting a reading :man_shrugging:

So after much faffing about, fiddling with speaker placement, and updating the firmware on both speakers, I now have a reasonably balanced sound (left to right) in the room.

Time for a few more measurements -

80hz hump on the left speaker and both with a bit of a suck out at 190hz.

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Is that dip anywhere near a crossover frequency? Might try reversing the phase.