Graphic novels

I have two nephews who are around 12 and 10 and are into science fiction.

I was wondering about trying them out with some of the classic stuff I read when I was a kid - Robert Heinlein, Larry Niven, Harry Harrison and it occurred to me that I could send them The Stainless Steel Rat to see if they liked it.

It then occurred to me that they really like graphic novels, so I could point them in the direction of 2000 AD and send the Carlos Ezquerra version

I’d like to send two books, one for each nephew, but a lot of the 2000 AD stuff that I grew up with (DR and Quinch, Halo Jones) unsurprisingly isn’t published any more.

Any suggestions? There’s obviously Judge Dredd, but where the hell to start? ABC Warriors? Anything else?

I’m probably talking gibberish to most people.

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Strontium Dog! (In Hell World, etc)
Nemesis the Warlock.
The Judge Child, saga, maybe.


Horned God FTW.

I’ll have to look to see what Strontium Dog stuff is in print now - that’s a very good suggestion.

Or Judge Anderson. She’s hot :smile:


I’ve got a book of collected Strontium Dog stuff somewhere. You can get it all in books with a satisfying amount of story in each one. I think that was the one that really stuck in my head as a kid. Just a great atmosphere. I loved the Nemesis and Slaine stuff too. Haha, right with you on Judge Anderson as well.

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