Greetings all from mark at VP

Missed out on the bake-offs for a while with the demise of the wam looking forward to meeting us again this year thanks for alerting me to this new hi fi meeting corner…

Hi Mark, welcome!

Hiya Mark.

Don’t know who you are but a cheery hello anyway.

Second that

Mark is from Vinyl Passion. IIRC Mark supported and generously donated to the Mind charity raffle at the last Scalford I did.


Welcome, I have some of your products. :herb:

Thats a relief. I thought for a hellish moment he was here to flog us suits.


They’re not for you ginge, they’d clash with your hair (just like everything else does).

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From the colour of your suit I’m thinking that you may be a cheerful person with a sunny disposition. I don’t think we have any cheerful members so welcome Mark. :wink:



It won’t last long here. The lowest common denominator will always win in the end.

Welcome though. I don’t think I left a Scalford without buying something from you :+1: