Grenfell Fire


The Sun still scraping the bottom of whatever barrel they fall into.

Makes a change from hacking a dead child’s phone I suppose.


Some of the reporting on this disaster has been utterly disgraceful.

Goulish twat from the BBC in particular roaming the streets trying to find the most harrowing tale.

Also, the standard “Our thoughts and prayers are with…” this line is now de-facto politico rhetoric that means nothing and is used to buy time answering awkward questions by half baked mealy mouthed political cunts.


I think Chan4 news with Jon Snow did some excellent reporting. At times he just gave people the time to say what they wanted or needed to say. He was never judgmental and showed a good degree of empathy. Don’t watch the BBC news anymore, bloody awful guff most of the time.


I’ll make a point of watching more C4 news from now on.


I should also add, if you haven’t seen it, last nights This Week on BBC 1 is worth a watch. Portillo in particular has it to a tee, IMHO.


Very much this, he was dealing with a lot of angry people and let them say their bit even if it was “where were the press when we were saying it is a fire risk, you only turn up when people die”

Took a lot of courage to stand there and listen unlike Theresa cunty May who arranged a private visit and wouldn’t go near the public.


The Guardian stirring the pot.

That nice Mr Hunt would never consider shutting down the hospitals in central London to capitalise on their value of the real estate they occupy.

This is clearly lefty fake news from the Guardian. They should be ashamed of themselves for traducing Mr Hunt’s good (and not rhyming in any way whatsoever) name.


Really? I watched last night and thought he presented himself as the utter cunt he is. I’ve only seen him be more obnoxious when pissed at Westminster tube.


I’m just listening to the radio and reports are coming in about a large group trying to get into Kensington Town Hall.

It is really just beginning to sink in to my thick head how absolutely horrific this is. Whole families wiped out and Theresa May hasn’t the courage to face anyone.

There is going to be a hell of a reckoning coming soon and hell mend us if it is whitewashed.


I heard people are getting frustrated at the systematic under-reporting of the anticipated number of eventual fatalities. The feeling is that the sheer scale of the tragedy is being under-played on the news.


What with Grenfell and the general dissatisfaction with this government, reckon there will be riots again before long…


That’s because you seem completely unable to take anyone’s point of view on its merits. You have a look at whatever their political hue is then run it through your fucked up translation engine.


Conspiracy theorists in full swing. How anyone could think the scale of this has been under reported?


Did you even bother to watch the programme in question ?


Nope. The crowd are chanting ‘Not 17’ at the police. They are a tad pissed off that nobody with authority with speak to them directly. Not Mrs May, not the leader of the Kensington council. The fire brigade are hinting at over a 100 dead with current estimates in the 30’s.

Meanwhile, the survivors and their families are told nothing by those responsible for their welfare in time of crisis. Speaking strictly apolitically this is a disgrace of the most disturbing proportion. Mismanagement on an industrial scale both before and after the fire…


Yes. You do not need to be a bleeding brain surgeon to realise the numbers dead will be massive. But do you expect the authorities to start lobbing out numbers for the sake of it to satisfy a bunch of internet blowhards?

No, this is about approaching something systematically that is on a massive scale, not pleasing a weird bunch of voyeurs. People are missing, there are still unidentified numbers in hospitals. Do you declare them dead to satisfy the mob? What good does that do?


I’m surprised that anybody wouldn’t think Portillo was a cunt. In his defence though he is nowhere near as cuntish as the current lot…


Get a grip Mark. Those are not internet blowhards at Kensington Town Hall. They are largely survivors and the family and friends of the dead. I doubt they’d be down there if they had been treated with some respect/empathy.


What exactly do you think is being covered up? An entire block of flats just burnt down.


I was not referring to internet voyeurs anywhere. They can get fucked. I’m talking about the people who are at the Kensington Town Hall.

Nothing is being covered up. I never mentioned any cover up. BUT, the survivors appear to the extremely unhappy at the way they are being treated by the Borough Council in particular. They also seem less than happy with the Government response. Not acknowledging communicating with these folks is simply inept. Kensington Bourough handed out a written statement FFS and would not meet the victims. No wonder they are a tad miffed.

Anyway, a little bit of polite civil disobedience is never a bad thing…