Grenfell Fire


I’ll ask again: what is the cover up?


Must have been watching a different programme to me. He understood the enormity and the consequence of what has happened, especially in respect to the other 4000 tower blocks in the country, held May in utter contempt for her actions and said she would not last the summer. He was rather better at it than the Labour MP who turned up.

If you had been there in his stead I am sure you would have come to a different conclusion.


There’s no cover up. There is anger that the mainstream media is not reporting that the final number of fatalities is highly likely to be north of 100. Just that. Nothing more. No conspiracy theory, no internet blawhards. Just angry and frustrated local residents.


Don’t deflect. I was replying directly to the accusation below, then you joined the discussion.


The main news channels are reporting that higher figure, don’t know about the print media. this morning even the Beeb had 17 plus 60 or more missing, presumed dead,


Well, unless there’s been a sudden and massive change in procedure, you report the deaths you can 100% confirm. There’s a massive search and forensic operation going on.

What’s to be gained in speculation?


Yes I would, as An MP I would never vote for weakening of tenants rights, and increasing landlord powers. I wonder why a 24 story building was not equipped with a sprinkler system? I do agree about what’s her face she was also shit as was that LBC twat .


I agree. There’s nothing to be gained from speculation. It may have changed over the course of today as Bob has pointed out, but the main news outlets were not reporting the likely scale of the tragedy and local people began to resent that.


Just sounds fucked up to me, like people were expecting some counter in the top right corner of the telly, or something.

You don’t have to be Einstein to realise that a fire gutting a block of flats at one in the morning is going to kill hundreds.

Likewise if the media say “hundreds dead”, and they aren’t confirmed, can you imagine the shitstorm?


I’ve just watched it and I thought he was fairly honest and made a fair appraisal of the current state.


Of course he did. Loo is fucking crackers.


His point about it being a tipping point similar to Kings Cross is a good one. It also highlights how the current set up of cost against risk for social housing is bordering on criminal.

Fuck only knows how this will end, hopefully with ALL those responsible held accountable.


Giles Brandreth is an utter bell tho.


There was a report on R4 this afternoon that said the total difference in cost between the cladding tiles that were used, and those rated as fireproof was £4750… That’s £4750 for the entire fucking block

I really hope the bean counter who thought it was a really great idea to save money in that particular area is proud of themselves.


His points may have been reasonable had this been the first ever tower block fire. It isn’t though, I thought he was smug and showed no sense of remorse.


I was going to reply to this but decided it best not to, other than to say we clearly have different definitions of remorse and smug.


Perhaps I just have a better memory of his performance as Minister of State for Local Government, anyhow I really don’t want to argue the toss over Micheal Portillo.


To be fair, Portillo is normally a fairly standard definition of smug.


I think this might help explain why the resident of Grenfell Tower are unhappy. This would be a decent example of poor leadership and abject miscommunication.

I shudder to think what this guy says in private about the poor people from Grenfell tower if this is his public reaction.


Then don’t post shit.