Grinder - looking for meat


A thread for Abattoir metalheads.

S/t album from this supergroup (Neil Fallon from Clutch, Vinny Appice and the bassist from Fu Manchu) has been on repeat this week.

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Dunsmuir has been alternating with this.

Also been on a massive Overkill kick recently (band, not the MH song)

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Been listening to this for the last two days

Loving the meathead literalism of Motley Crue - “… the clock strikes midnight” BONG




Looking forward to the new Baroness album in the summer


From the thread title I thought this was the latest iteration of OCD, relating to faffage around the deconstruction of beef, pork and the likes to accompany coffee and bakewell tarts/puddings/pies.
I am seriously disappoint…

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'tis in the “music” section :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s a music section? :thinking:

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He did say “music”

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Aaahh, that’s why it didn’t register…

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Coroner are great.

We’ve been listening to lots of thrash recently, because we discovered it makes the baby dance and it’s particularly funny when he’s jiggling and wiggling to something like Overkill :stuck_out_tongue: (he does seem to find it particularly danceable as well, and it’s guaranteed to get him grooving away)

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Probably my favourite UK thrash band from the 80s

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I don’t know them, cheers! Will listen later


Good source of new music recommendations for the doom-inclined :+1:


I have found a few bands on Stoned Meadow Of Doom



Love this album cover :joy:

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New Lord Vicar tomorrow!

It sounds mahoosive!



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Vocalist has something of the Ozzy about him