Guilty Pleasures

There’s nothing that I’d say I’m embarrassed to like, but certainly some stuff I’d expect grief for if I posted it in the Listening thread.

U2 (Joshua Tree through to Pop)
John Mayer
Genesis - Live - The Way We Walk


Neil Diamond is a great singer. I love The Jazz Singer. If we’re doing guilty pleasure films, that’s on it.

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Really Iike Rumer…

Saccharine sweet & high gloss production values, but I love it. The version of “Don’t be cruel” is prolly the best known cut from this album & is pretty good. The infections “Cow Cow Boogie” & also “John Deere Tractor” always raise a smile from me.

I too like the Judds. I will check this album out.

Also, the Bee Gees are really fucking good. Aren’t they? :confused:




Pre-disco, yes. Trite “meaningless songs in very high voices” after that though.

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Nothing at all to be ashamed of.

I love Rumer.
Have 4 CD’s in the mean time, 2 of them signed by her just after the concert.

Oh, and I play techno as well…

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I avoid pop generally but Dido has a great sexy singing voice and a few nice songs.

Have I inadvertently entered an alternative universe where members of the abbattoir are not the musical connoisseurs I thought they were?
I am truly shocked!
UB40 and ELO…

Rooting them out one by one

E fucking L fucking O,

Burn him alive!

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Yeah, yeah.
Two words, “Simply” “Red”.

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