Guilty Pleasures

It goes without saying that here in the Slaughterhouse, we all have impeccable musical taste. Different but impeccable. Even Terry has impeccable taste, in prog…

But it’s not impeccable really, is it? We all have something that we’re all a little ashamed of, that wouldn’t get posted up on the What Are You Listening To thread, even though we love it.

I have a bit of a thing for 80s pop. early Duran Duran, ABC, Tears For Fears, that kind of thing, but they’re not really that embarrassing, the early Duran stuff was quite good electronic stuff, ABCs first album is a corker and TFF were pretty decent.

No, my real embarrassment is something utterly uncool, no hint of hip, nothing innovative or dangerous. Just wrong really.


I absolutely love her voice, it is just gorgeous , and I even like her songwriting. I don’t even mind the sickly sweet marketing emails “she” sends me.

I got her new LP yesterday, signed by Rumer herself. It’s a collection of Burt Bacharach songs, so it’s as safe as it gets.

I’m going to play it now. I might even put it in the WAYLT thread…

Come on, fess up, what are the Abattoirists Guilty Pleasures.

We could make a playlist for the Meat Up…

Quite like some of the Sugababes songs :blush:


Getting into ELP stuff !!!

I own 3 Lacuna Coil LPs.

I quite like a bit of Goth every now and then. Went to see the Sisters of Mercy last last. It nearly cured me of my liking for goth it was that bad :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:/5

Yep, 6/5 on the shite-o-meter.

I also am partial to a bit of China Crisis every now and then, but try to keep this private…

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[quote=“Rob998, post:1, topic:464”]We all have something that we’re all a little ashamed of, that wouldn’t get posted up on the What Are You Listening To thread, even though we love it.

I’m not embarrassed by anything that I listen to; If I like it, I couldn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.

Guilty pleasure threads are for the likes of mumsnet :poop:

That’s really commendable Ian, and having seen your choices on the WAYLT thread, I believe you.

I think we’ve had this discussion before. I had to play my John Mayer CDs as a punishment iirc.


Mumsnet fucking well makes this place look like a knitting circle. Not joking.

I’m a big fan of metal, disco, funk and hip-hop. I also have a huge folder of cheesy songs.

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I do like the Monkeys, and Mel C. Only sometimes though.

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Nowt the matter with that - love this song


Tango In The Night
Savage Garden

Probably a million others.

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:+1: Guilt not required

I do love Karen Carpenter.


Italo Disco…

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Well, she had the most beautiful pure voice. Rumer gets compared to her a lot. In fact she covers Close To You on the new album, a slightly different treatment, but you’d swear it was Karen apart from something slightly British about it.

@mickbald, the Monkees have some properly good stuff, Head is extraordinary. A lot of their supposedly lightweight stuff has some dark undertones if you listen critically.

I’m also a sucker for a bit of 80s stuff. Have been enjoying a bit of Luther this week.

I listen to the CD’s of Evanescence (Fallen) and Paramore (Riot) in the car all the time.:hushed:

quite appropriate really…