Haddock set up instructions

Does anyone have the Hadcock GH228 set up instructions?


Thanks, I’ve tried that but my account has been closed due to inactivity and they aren’t taking new registrations :rage:


That’s great, thanks Chris.

Anyone know anything about this type of plug? Should it have tabs to connect the fairy wire?

It would have been used to connect the arm wiring( very thin and flexible) to the thicker wiring with the RCA’s on. They are mostly bypassed after being rewired.

Yes but it’s very handy as you can unplug the arm lead and remove the arm.

That one has broken tabs and is a bit fucked.

Did you try to adjust it?


No, it seems the hidden wiring is a bit of a bodge the wires are in two pieces soldered together and one is missing altogether… I need to get hold of about a foot of fairy wire and find someone to solder it.


My thoughts, I am just searching for his contact info.

you sunk my battleship



Another question, I have just removed the cart (Decca London Gold) from the arm and discover to my surprise that it only has three pins and two of the cart tags are soldered together. :face_holding_back_tears: Is this normal?


So if you want to use a “normal” cartridge you’re fuct?

I spoke to J7 and he now only deals with Rega, SME and Linn so the Hadcock is on its way to Paul at HiFi Gallery as recommended by Johnnie.

Johnnie moved away from fairy wire a long time ago.

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Get an adapter for the decca and wire it properly.