Hana Red


£3299 and already available at Audio Emotion

Seems to have dropped without fanfare, anyone heard anything?


I knew there was one coming. It’d be interesting to hear how it compares with the Blue Etsuro that Excel also makes.


Yes, and the Bordeaux

The one review I’ve seen seemed to me to describe the Cobalt as inhabiting the ballpark of the ML, different flavour, majoring somewhat on transparency v tonal body and weight that the ML delivers.

Is your French friend due to get one?

I’m sure he will. I’ll ask.

The Bordeaux Etsuro is a fabulous sounding thing, one of the nicest cartridges I’ve used.


What arm was it on, I’ve seen talk that they have a preference for heavier?

I’ve used it in the StSt Vertex, SMEV and FR64S. It works nicely in all of those.

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That’s ok Guy but which one was best?

Of those 3 my preference would be between the Vertex (if I want to hear what’s on the record) or the FR if I want a sumptuous version of it. It also sounded good in the Groovemaster although my MK1 version isn’t as good an arm as either the FR or Vertex. Haven’t tried it in the 3012 although I suspect that would also work well.

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Disappointed and also need my eyes tested. I honestly thought this was a thread about


From what I’ve seen the Hana Umami (Red) is due for general release on 22nd September.



Nice looking cartridge. It will be good to hear that one in action.

The factory looks an interesting place.


Not one of the better videos he has done, didn’t help I got motion sickness with all the jumping around. :face_vomiting:

Shame as a more professionally produced video would be interesting especially to see the differences between how the medium and high end ranges are made.