Hanss turntables?

Thinking of buying this but have never come across Hanss before, anyone had or heard and if so how do they sound?

The UK distributor dumped a few of these on the market a couple of years ago and I was tempted by the 30, I think they eventually sold for £1K new on eBay. It took a lot of selling though.

Looks well made, but never heard one.

I had a Creek Wyndsor which was made by Hanns and very similar to what I think is the T10. Although it looked nice it wasn’t that good as the perspex marked really easily and I had a issue with the motor pod cable. Moved on to a Orbe and I think Gyro would be money better spent.

Mark at Vinyl Passion was using a Hanns at his recent open day. It looked a little different to that one so it could have been a different model. Saying that it looked very similar to that but in black not silver.
He was using an SME tonearm on it.
It sounded great, a really nice turntable, that to my ears would compete with most high end models.
I can’t remember price but I remember taking a sharp breath when I saw the cost for the whole package of deck, arm and cart.
Hope that helps


I heard this deck at Vinyl Passion’s place as well. I have seen the price of £3800 +20% Vat on their website.

Looks well built and sounded alright.

£4.5K new, fuck off, not worth that.

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The motor on the outside of the tonearm with belts underneath the arm is just wrong- IMO.
Lots of Aluminium for the money though.

Cheers all, think I’ll give it a miss, have been thinking about getting a TD124 for a while so may go this route instead now.

German design, made in China.

Exactly, for the money you can have something better made in Germany or the UK.

If you want to try something nice for about £1k there is a lovely Acoustic Signature Challenger mk1 on pink fish. Great turntable with two arm boards included. Hard to beat for that money. They still make the challenger it is £3300 new. Made in Germany

Good shout. There is also a nice NA turntable kicking about for £2K.

Or this if you like old rattlers.