Is that a Martini Henry?

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No it’s an Austin Maestro :joy:


It is, an 1880 issue if memory serves…

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Saw them supporting tears for fears in 83


Decent band, but they fell apart after bassist Brim Holder left in '85


At the Roundhouse?

Electric ballroom

And during pre deployment training, the oft maligned caps ridiculous

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Of course

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@Penance. Can you explain the function of the beret? I’ve always wondered what circumstances would cause the beret to be the headwear of choice. It doesn’t seem to offer much protection against shrapnel or even light rain.

Where does the beret come into its own? After all the Marines & Para’s wear them but why? They don’t protect against anything. Not even malevolent gossip.


When I was in Cadets it’s primary function was as a receptacle for stolen choccy bars from the shop down the road from the TA barracks…


They are a dress cap not intended for protection.
You can see in some contemporary ww2 photos, paras wearing the tin hat with beret rolled and held under the epaulette of the battle dress jacket.

Fedora = Sex tourist

Trilby = Spiv

Basball = Chav

Everything else acceptable headwear in my book.


Need a hat this morning as I am at Ashford International, freezing my arse off waiting for a train that has been cancelled. #FUCKINGWORKINGAGAIN! :weary:



Being a baldist I have a very large collection of hats.

I have an additional problem in that my head is roughly the size of Jupiter.

About the smartest I have is a Fedora from Lock of St James.

About the “nicest” one I have was custom made in Cologne. It’s nice because it actually fits me.

Having said all this, more often than not I’ll just end up wearing a tweed or waxed cotton flat cap.

Last year at Munich was unexpectedly very sunny and I ended up having to go and buy an emergency hat. Can’t remember the name of the shop, but it was on the main drag down towards Marienplatz, and it was a very nice hat shop indeed. Borsalino-a-go-go.

Always wanted one of these.


Classic hat to make small man feel bigger :thumbsup:

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