Head amp/ SUT for Technics 310MC

Yes a dull hifi based question to briefly distract from the shambolic mismanagement of Covid by our cabinet full of shallow vermin types.

So anyway I succumbed to the temptation to buy a 310MC cart for my new Technics SL7. Its likely that my spare C-Z1 preamp will provide the MM stage, and I don’t really want to buy another mahoosive H-Z1 MC head amp because mahoosive reasons.

Ideally I’d like a reasonably discreet SUT or battery powered MC head amp - got any recommendations that will match nicely?

Do you have a preference for a MC stage or an SUT?

Budget up to about £500.

No preference, whichever particular unit would work best with the cart and my preamp.

I have both, but very little actual listening experience, with either.
I have a Bob’s Devices SUT, with Sowter 1951 transformers, 10-1, 20-1 switchable, and a Ray Samuels Nighthawk battery powered MM/MC stage.
I am not using either at the moment, so happy to post both to you to try, if you want.
I will sell the SUT, but not the Ray Samuels.


I’d guess you’d want 1:12 - 1:15 ratio for it to work optimally so bear that in mind. I have one, it’s a nice cartridge although mine is on an adaptor to use in conventional arms. I must pull the SL10 out of the loft sometime & try to get the arm working

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I replaced the drive belt and cleaned and lubricated the arm drive on my SL7 yesterday. Quite easy, but the outer drive stop microswitch is playing up, so I’ll have to go back in again. Then I’ve got to sort out the start/stop switches etc…

Transformer always, given the choice. Headamps will always add noise and distortion.

Commision Slagle to make some nice step-ups and I’ll box them up. Albeit budget might be tight.

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Hah, would probably cost more than the rest of the entire set up it’s meant to go with :smile:

I’ve owned a couple of the SL-10’s and SL-7’s and I prefer the SL-7 to the SL-10. The SL-10 has known noise issues and, although it is the later unit, just doesn’t sound as good to these ears.

The F117 Nighthawk is a superb but of kit. I love mine!