Headphones upto around £100quid?


My Birthday is in March and Donna has asked what I’d like.

I have some very old knackered Sennheiser HD202’s, which are okay for setting up a turntable, but not much else really.
Donna is changing her job, so I may need to use headphones more often.

I’d like the type which fit around the ear with the pads sitting on my head, possibly closed back.

She’ll no doubt order them off Amazon…

Any recommendations? I have no idea really other than reading reviews online.

Cheers, Rob.
P.s They will be plugged in to my Denon amp for the time being.

If you can find an extra tenner (cheapest I can see them right now is £109.99), the Audio Technica ATH-M50X is a good piece of kit. It’s described as a ‘studio’ model which might be overthinking things but it sounds good, is easy to drive and is very well made for the money. The Bluetooth version is sensational too (but more money and not what you’ve asked for).

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Thank you, I’ll check those out👍

My lad has a pair of akg k92 for his drum kit. No idea if the more expensive pairs are much better but they are very good and you’ll have money left over for toblerone

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Another :+1:t2: For the ATH-M50x. I’ve been using these for years (recording, e-drum monitoring and general listening) and can’t fault them, apart from maybe a bit hot/clammy for extended listening.

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Open or closed backs?
New or happy with used?

Probably closed back Greg, happy with second hand if condition is good.

The Sennheiser outlet online can have some decent prices, it varies…



If you’re willing to try used you could probably get a pair of original AKG K240 Sextett for around a ton. They take a bit of driving, but they are lively if driven well, and pretty comfortable :+1:

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Those were the headphones I was brought up on, my Dads, really enjoyed them :+1:

I use these when listening to music via the laptop and to drown out Anne when she’s talking bollocks - excellent for both :grinning:


My eldest uses the DT 770 Pro for his sound engineering course and thinks they are great for not much more than £100


I have some Sennheiser HD 250’s, with new ear cushions and cable, you can try, and see if you like them.
If you like them, we can work out a price, but they will be under your budget.

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Have no experience with headphones as I don’t really like using them. But bought some B&W p3s a while back for £30…seem pretty good, but I have nothing to compare them against

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I’ll drop you a PM over later Greg👍

Beyerdynamics are an industry standard.
Had a pair of DT 150s for about 10 years before needing new pads.
If you need to cut out background noise they are excellent, if a bit bright when new.
Comfortable and they dont get all sweaty!
beyerdynamic DT 100 Headphones, 16 Ohm, Black at Gear4music

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I had a pair of dt211 for years. Typically my son killed them in months by twiddling the cable…

They dont have the replacement plug in cable?

No, they were basic cheapy (£30) ones I bought in about 91

I nearly bought the M50X but actually preferred the M40X, which I still think are fantastic headphone for the money. IMO, I thought there were much better balanced then the M50X, even if the M50x were better in some areas.

I use my M40X downstairs when the wife is watching her programmes, don’t leak any sound and isolate pretty well. I think they are a bargain at the price.

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