Healthy and not at risk - volunteer!

I’ve an enhanced DBS that lasts 3 years. When I volunteered they asked if I had one within 12 months. Posted details anyway.

I’ve been good :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We both do too. Gill volunteered to do the phone support work and they did want to check that she had it.

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Got my acceptance email as a volunteer this morning. Hope to be able to do useful things starting this weekend.

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After some faffing about I’ve downloaded the app to my phone and activated the ‘On Duty’ switch.


Yes the app leaves a lot to be desired and probably isn’t really fit for purpose for the potential scale of use it would be tested under.

I’m waiting for the return of my phone from repair so will be Monday earliest before I get to download it.

The acceptance email I received said that the app was in the process of being updated and would change in a few days time.

Hopfully the new version will be better than the current one.

I predict first call will be the forcibly isolated holiday homers pleading for bog roll…

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If it is, I’ll coat it in itching powder first.

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