Healthy and not at risk - volunteer!

If you’re not able to work at the moment and want a way to use your time to help support others in your local community then why not volunteer using the link below. I’ve signed up myself and thought I’d share this with others who might want to do the same.

You can choose what kind of work you are happy to offer -

  • Check in and chat
  • Community response volunteer
  • NHS Transport

Check out the link for more details and how to sign up.


I’ve asked our cock end “leadership” what the policy is.



Done the same with mine. Lucky that my Director and his boss are both sensible and supportive the vast majority of the time. Just waiting a response.

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Somehow it feels like the rapid dieback of the human race might be a bit more important than payments software, and yet …

Indeed, most of our users have been great. However a few seem to believe we have a magic cupboard with all sorts of systems just waiting to be turned on. Also a parallel world Amazon with same day delivery of absolutely anything they want… not need.

Is there an age limit for this? >60?

While volunteers must be aged 18 or over, fit and well with no symptoms, those in higher-risk groups, such as over 70s, those who are pregnant or have underlying medical conditions, will be able to offer support by telephone.

The NHS has reassured people that the majority of tasks can be undertaken while practising safe social distancing and that volunteers will receive guidance through a “getting started pack”.


Registered for all three activities.

If I die from CV-19 due to this, I’ll come back to haunt you, you fucker.


They will look at your postcode, think you are Scotch and give you loads of people from Glesga to ring and you won’t understand a word!

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Well done. Amongst all the worry, uncertainty, speculation and negativity around at the moment, this is something positive that people can do if they are able.

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I’ve volunteered for 2 out of 3. Not the chat option. I’d be like a mate who was sacked from the Samaritans. He had 4 suicides on his first shift and 3 of those were wrong numbers.


I registered last week but haven’t had a response yet. I sent them a photo of my enhanced DBS certificate so just waiting for verification.


Hope you’re well Ian.

I think the efforts in the background to organise and distribute food parcels to the 1.5m in the shielded category are going to begin to come to fruition this week and next and so I expect that the clearances will start getting processed pretty quickly.

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I am Guy, thank you. Hope you are too. Have moved into a new flat and trying to get my hifi back up and running after moving away then moving back.


Got my acceptance email today

You are now a NHS Volunteer Responder and can start supporting your community and NHS by assisting with vital requests needed during such a crucial time.


Did you have up to date DBS?

I don’t think he’s got an Aston Martin :roll_eyes:

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No, that’s probably why it took them 6 days to investigate me and approve my application.

No but the local sheep have vouched for him.