Heco Celan 300 vs Heco Elementa 300

Anybody know how the newer Heco Elementa 300 would compare with my older Celan 300’s ?

A worthwhile upgrade ?

Guy, any thoughts ?


The drivers & general presentation are quite similar but the current Celan range has gone up in price (£ weakening against Euro hasn’t helped either) quite significantly so the Elementas fill a slot at a similar price to that the original Celans were at perhaps 10 years ago. I’d say more of a sideways step tbh.

OK, thanks Guy.


FFS Guy, call yourself a dealer? Take the fools money!


Maybe he has a surplus of the old model?

Best way of getting someone to want something is to tell them they don’t want it.

None of the old model here, sadly.

He’s welcome to buy Celan GT302 instead,

£1150 :grinning:

Would they be an upgrade. Guy, (he asks, innocently) ?

I know what you’re doing and no, the S9 isn’t for sale…


I haven’t had any of the latest Celan 302’s so far. I shall make some enquiries about them & ask how they relate to the original ones.

Heco do various ranges of models & it’s necessary for me to choose those that fit certain price points rather than try to stock & sell all of them.

Exert from the Karmacuntra (Hindi 3rd century BC scumbag guide):

“The Vishuddha should be massaged and misdirected to excite true desire. It is only then the willing customer will offer up their jugular with grace and gratitude.”