Heco Direkts FS

Forgot I still have pics on the phone.
Really would have liked to have kept these,but could do with getting some money in.

In lovely condition with original box,grills,spikes and rubber feet.
They needed 12 or so hours to get them working at there best when I got them,so I’d expect the same to be the case now as they have been sitting boxed and unused for the last couple of years.

Won’t post,but happy to drive almost anywhere in the uk (as long as it doesn’t include ferries) for the cost of diesel,or you are welcome to pick up from Devon.



Bugger ! Exactly the wrong time.


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Fucking keen price for these!

What, the one time you might actually have a complementary amp? :thinking:

There’s the issue. I need to get the amp sorted first but, hopefully, that will soon be in hand

They’re magic with a BP amp (that doesn’t catch fire or explode)


I’m sure they are and, if I was convinced the amp was well, I’d have them.

However, unfortunately …,…

The amp is fine and so are the speakers, buy them.

Ah :thinking: …,…

I was being sarcastic, valve amps get hot, BP more than most.

Mine could cook eggs.

Not at all convinced.

The mains trafo “runs” @ 90°+, on the casing. I can’t keep a finger on it for even a second. Not convinced.

don’t put your finger on it then.


:joy: :rofl: Twat !

Any plans to come Kent Stu ?


South from Devon ? Is that even a thing ?

Not at present I’m afraid.
But happy to drive if fuel can be covered

Mike are you going to shut the fuck up in this for sale thread, or what?


Fair point, in your own unique style :+1:

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