HEDDphone - any experience?

These look interesting.

Made in Berlin. €1699, so post-Brexit that’s about £1,000,000 and one’s first born being baptised into the Catholic faith.

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Never heard of them but £1200 on eBay in the UK

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They certainly look serious. And also not great in the rain.

Yeah - a bit mahoosive.


I’ve been looking at these, sure I’ve seen a SH pair for sale. I’ll have a search. On Headfi I think.

Probably have to go for closed, Denon 7200/9200 seem up at this level.

Dan Clark Audio (was Mr Speakers) Aeon 2 closed back?

They get a good write up. I was seriously considering them but went for Audeze LCD-1 which are open (and half the price).

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Altho Dan Clark also do a “frickin massive Cyberman costume” model too (Ether).

Then again, maybe the guy just has a really small head.


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I bought some LCD 3 a while back, wife laughed so hard I had to send them back. Pea-head was one of the memorable comments


Those look nice. I have the opposite problem - absolutely enormous (63cm) melon.

I bet you get that a lot from Vic? :rofl:

Yep, the current one is me cleaning/caring for records more than the kids

I don’t think the kids would like an ultrasonic bath even if they could fit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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