Help Stu believe in Parakeets

Commie plot detected :angry:


Don’t watch Springwatch tonight.
More propoganda!

Fixt. :nerd_face:

You are missing the fundamental ideology known as Stuism… if he hasn’t physically experienced something it does not exist.
This goes for orgies, wagu beef and anyone called Norris.


Didn’t Lopwell cover any of that?

Although ‘busy’ in many ways, the answer is No… unless I missed some ‘goings on’ over the other side of the river. Thinking about it, this may explain Guys keenness to swim the rapids.

Patch has also grown

I’m cleansed, reborn. I needed to be after such depravity on Friday night. The clothes were too soiled even to go to the cats & dogs charity shop and their standards are pretty low.


Mr. MWS gets that familiar winding of so near yet so far…