Help Stu believe in Parakeets

During a recent road trip to London the subject of Parakeets entered conversation as one flew over head squawking - Did you see that ? -(@stu) ‘No’. Moments later several were making a racket in a tree. (@stu) "They’re crows’… The remainder of the trip Stu de bunked the ‘Myth’ of parakeets. The fact they are in my garden in Devon and have done extremely well colonizing everywhere is a moot point.

Of all the ‘origin stories’ the most pleasing is that Hendrix released two at the end of the 60’s in Carnaby street.

Have you seen a feral parakeet? Any ideas how to convince @Stu welcome

I live in London and can confirm they are frequently to be seen, including in my garden and my parent’s garden.

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Probably the dominant species of bird where I live.

We’ve just gone through the season where they make an unbelievable mess shredding every hornbeam in sight.

Noisy little green bastards.


Pah! Little Green Birds! Did they come from Outer Space? I think not! Childish nonsense!

@Stu is right, as always: Listen To The Voice Of Reason.


He was pretty adamant it was art students dyeing pigeons as a jape.


Come and play golf at Coombe Hill in Kingston
The bastards started a hell of a racket on my backswing on the 14th tee.

I fear Stu would bat this evidence away with: “Specsavers do hearing aids too”

Released by immigrant pirates :thinking:

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At least you don’t get their super destructive cousin the Lorikeet :confounded:

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Fucking loads of them in and around the more salubrious parts of Croydonshire.

None seen where I live however.

Fucking pretty; fucking noisy! :sunglasses:

A fair few around Gospel Oak/Hampstead Heath, although less than we had in 2022.

Unusual to see a decline, they seem to breed well (A shaming fact that spikes Mr. MWS jealousy no end) Of course if Stu is correct the Parakeets are actually trained pigeons from Beijing. Apparently when they reach sufficient numbers they are programmed to swarm and decimate UK farming.

I’ve yet to see or hear one,so they don’t exist


None up here on the Lake District Peninsulas. We did have a couple of Parrot type things that escaped from the local Zoo, they ended up flying back to the Zoo, so grim is it up North!

Wallabies, we used have Wallabies but even they fucked off.

Why aren’t they just shot, invasive species that could be eradicated surely? Or do they do no harm to the local flora and fauna and can be welcomed.

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Cos they fly like little green rockets?

Birds of prey would be no good to control them either. They’re social animals and will mob the hell out of anything they don’t like. I’ve seen a gang of 20-30 of them dive-bombing a kite (?) that made the mistake of gliding past.

This is what we are working with gentlemen.


What if he’s right tho’? Eh?

Haven’t thought of that, have you Mister Smug About Imaginary Little Green Spacebirds?



I for one welcome the swarm

You are now on a new List :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I have never been to Australia

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