Help with speakers AE2s

On my quest to try new speakers I’ve now got a pair of AE2s.
had first listen today.
One sounds great the other seems to have no bass and sounds kind of reedy.

The bass drivers are moving in and out but there’s no fullness and it sound very different to the other speaker.

I’ve tried it in both channels on the amp sounds the same whatever it’s plugged into.

Any ideas what it could be and what to do to fix it?…

How easy is it to swap the crossover from one speaker to the other?

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Easiest solution reasons

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Or swap bass units over. Easiest way to tell if it a crossover or drive unit problem.

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Out of phase?


That’s a good shout

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Thanks for help so far
I’ve checked some things out. I’m pretty sure they are not out of phase

Are they easy to get in too?

Can you check the internal wiring connections?

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Easy to get into by removing drivers, can’t see any poor connections

I would suspect that the two bass drivers on the dodgy speaker are out of phase with each other.


:bulb:yes that^. I forgot they had twin bass drivers.

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Knowing AE build quality, one driver may not be properly connected, tho’ if they’re original AE2s they should be all-soldered - takes some doing to kill those…

I’ve had speakers delivered new out-of-phase from the manufacturer (hang your heads in shame, PMC), but it really wasn’t all that obvious - just a slight sense of ‘something off’, this sounds more like a dead or disconnected driver.

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