Helping the police with their enquiries


I had to replace my train pass ID card this week, which required a visit to one of those super-cruel photo booths. I’m in my mid -fifties now and have had a life, I’m invisible to the opposite sex, im ok with that, kinda. Then there’s the thwarted ambition, too many hot dinners, the one-time party animal who probably burnt the candle at both ends for too long. There is the financial ruin of a couple of thousand records and a ridiculous audio system despite (or maybe because of) being deaf in one ear. The burnt mince pies… I knew I would be wearing all that but what I wasnt expecting the machine to cough up was someone who at 6 in the morning, after several hours of interrogation, has just been arrested for the murder of his wife over a pitiful insurance pay-out. Fuck.

Now surely I cant be the only one on here who has had to experience this cruelty recently. Vanity be damned, get yer bus passes out let’s see em! :grinning:


Rather flattering really :rofl:


You are looking better than when I last saw you, must have gotton some sleep. :+1:


Selfie beauty mode off!


Never seen you without your specs :flushed:


I wouldn’t spill your pint!


Hmm, I think my new avatar has arrived…


Young idiot :

Slightly older idiot

Older Calmer


My passport photo makes me look like I am just about to mug a granny, no idea how to reproduce it on here though.


More like something else…


I’m not sure they’d let me on an aircraft nowadays

but the Texas Dept of Public Safety reckoned I was OK to drive a car.



Class C being what you were on for the photo?


I’d just spent 15 minutes in the car with a huge leather-clad Texas highway patrolman who was also wearing a huge gun. That look is relief that I’d passed the test unscathed.



I’m naming this one Vintage Persol Rictus. Who did the embalming? :rofl:


Complete with Liverpool stylee sideburns and moustache…:unamused:



Superb. :grin:


were you ever mistaken for Peter Sutcliffe’?


You are the Dalai Lama and I claim my £5. Even the outfit matches.:open_mouth:


Fresh-faced yoof straight out of the Accenture induction course realises that he needs an Oyster card.

2004 I think, and already quite bald.