Herbie Hancock - where to start?


:+1: I’ll give it a spin


Dunno if this has been mentioned yet, but this is my favourite of the Davis/Hancock LPs:

Great Expectations is an absolute monster of a tune, but the whole LP is just perfect.


Agree with you Olan it is an awesome album - Miles Davis deserves his own thread as I have been disappearing down that particular rabbit hole for a while. :+1:


Not for a while please, I’m broke atm due to renovations.


Start with Bitches Brew. Buy one album from each musician on the album. Then buy one album from each of the performers on those albums. Continue ad nauseam until you achieve poverty.
I’m there, but love it :+1:


Sound advice although I do have a lot of his stuff on CD.

I hear you Terry I’m in the same boat - however I had to have this 6 CD set :heart_eyes:



The early Miles is it’s own rabbit hole.

Good luck :scream:


Just got this. Some good people on it including Hancock.


:+1: yup, you recommended it to me a while back


How are you enjoying your new purchases Mike @MJ2 ?


Unfortunately, Allan @spacehopper, I really like them :slight_smile:


That is a bit of a relief Mike as I was a bit wary after recommending Adam’s Apple to you :grinning:


Maybe look at The Blood Donor :+1: