Herbie Hancock - where to start?

Just listened to St. Louis Blues (?) and quite liked it, and I know there are at least a couple of aficionado’s on here, hence the question.

My wallet will no doubt wish I had never asked but, I guess that’s what we do.


And at the other end of the spectrum:

It’s jazz, are you sure?


I like some more left field, free form type Jazz a lot.
Think Youngblood Brass Band, Pharoah Sanders, Kahil El’Zabars Ritual Trio etc.

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Do what I did and start here when the electro hip hop scene started, and then WTF is all that jazz shit when you dip into another album expecting the same!

I like Sextant which preceded Headhunters. Check it out online before purchase as it’s a bit marmite.


While not a solo album…

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There is a large variation plinky plonk piano, funk to disco inferno. I like Sextant,Crossings and Head hunters as they are the more freeform ones that I know.

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From what I’m reading here, I think I’ll likely start with Sextant.

I like this one



Journey so far -

Sextant - brilliant, LP purchased
Thrust - Not bad
Future Shock - Yawnafunk - not for me

To be continued …

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Amazing album but may be a bit too straight up jazz for you.

Excellent album not long before Stevie Wonder introduced him to his Moog keyboards

Ludicrously good Headhunters live album

If you like Sextant buy this as well

Ditto this

This is an amazing album from 1974 - he recorded it while on tour in Japan with the Headhunters.

It’s basically a solo album with two excellent solo piano versions of Maiden Voyage and Dolphin Dance but the other two songs are something else Nobu is a techno track and the version of Cantaloupe Island is superb.

I don’t know if it was ever released on vinyl but I have it on CD and it’s pretty easy to find.


This will never be beaten tho’

There is also this from 1975 minus Hancock.


Classic :+1:

Sorry forgot to add this

@Waxy Gareth if you don’t already have this buy it - it’s a better album than Thrust I think also Fat Albert Rotunda is a stone-cold soul jazz classic.

Thanks for your input Allen

My pleasure Mike - he is one of my favourite musicians. There is also the stuff he recorded with Miles Davis of course. :+1:

Yes, I keep promising myself I’ll take a look at Bitches Brew.

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I think you’d like this Mike


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