Hi Rez CD (MQA)

Has anybody tried these cds from Japan?

Don’t you need specific hardware to play them?

Jesus, how long have you been in this hobby? What a stupid thing to say.

Timing and deblurring. I’ve got to admit it, I’m getting a bit of a semi.


Yes that’s all the info, thanks Adam. I think they are about £20 a cd from Japan.

Japanese pressings are always good in my experience, are they not? Vinyl, CD’s everything is better.

Buy with confidence imo.

From that website

“MQA is now available on CD, allowing any CD player to deliver more detailed, nuanced playback. When paired with a decoder,”

So you do need a magic box?


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They’re like HDCD discs, there is a decoder but it isn’t necessary to have a decoder to play them.

Yes but then what’s the point? You’ll always wonder what you’re missing😁


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Pure snake oil. Wank.


That’s what vinyl is for :grinning:

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Records are the answer, or tapes. Not foo silver discs of disappoint.