Hifi component packaging

Quick bit of advice sought, I’ve struggled over the last couple of days to buy/find decent cardboard boxes for shipping of a CD player.

Anyone found a decent source for boxes/packaging?

Or, if anyone has any going spare I am travelling north east from Warwickshire today, heading to Hartlepool so could collect. Happy to pay!

Last time I built an MDF box, but seems overkill for shipping within UK.

When I sold my Arcam amps I got 2 boxes (one bigger than the other to enable double boxing) from a local storage place, they were only a couple of quid each, but quite sturdy. They obvs weren’t component sized, but they did the job with a load of foam and peanuts.

Maybe a removal firm might be able to help too?

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I’m going to head to a similar place locally this morn, see what I can find, thanks @Rob998

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Etha Foam and double walled boxes x2.


Pah, like you know anything about shipping delicate hifi about the place :rofl:

Banana box from the co op
Ideally with bananas removed or they can get shirty


I do feel there is mileage in a YouTube channel testing the packing potential of various fruits. Pack delicate thing thoroughly in bananas / cherries / apples etc and then expose to the full remit of courier damage techniques, including the “over the fence lob” and the legendary “drop on a corner from 10 feet”, plus as a bonus round “how long does it survive when left under a leaky drainpipe in a thunderstorm”

Banana boxes are my choice of weapon in the back of the shop stakes.

Occasionally we use a plastic crate for sending more expensive items.The ones Halfords have with the lids and similar *

Then wrapped in black cling film,though dpd did fine us £15 a couple of times as it fucks up there conveyor belt system apparently

  • i and this forum do not encourage taking such crates left out the back even when they are shut

One of the boxes offered by Big Yellow Self Storage is quite close to a 2U hifi box. Just don’t buy their bubblewrap at ONE MILLION DOLLARS per metre.

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Banana boxes are OK if the plastic corner straps are still with them.

Personally I would use satsuma boxes - especially in the run up to Xmas - they’re very strong and have reinforced corners.


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I used lettuce boxes to send a streamer. It’s best to remove the produce first. Hope that helps. :+1:

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This thread needs renaming. Genius. I have found one decent box for the outer, just need to go and see Pete Beale in the morning and I’m sorted.