HiFi hype of the week - Spruiking all over your screen

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Money shot:

“They used computer simulation techniques they knew from their work designing special cables for the aeronautical and medical industries. They literally used rocket science and discovered a special shape to be optimal for loudspeaker cabinets.”


FFS, anyone knows rocket science is so last century. They need to use an AI to design their stuff

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Would look cool with goldfish in them.


they need Nanobodies from Llamas

(I am sure an Alpaca would do)

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Rocket science is elementary, rocket engineering is the tricky bit.

75 grand new, 3 grand used.

They were a flying success then.


Yep, looks as if the dealer got landed with them. See:

I will probably bid at £3k.

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Drivers have to be worth that. Add in the comedy value and it’s a bargain

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Glad to see nordorst has brought out a gold range, The basic odins were far to cheap for my liking.


Wasn’t the whole ‘Crystal Cables’ thing an ego-trip for the bloke that owns/ed Nordost? Something to keep the Mrs busy…?

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Christ! $55k for a 1.5mtr length

Yes, ideally you’d want to keep your speakers very close to the amp. And try not have 4 terminals on the back, unless you want to pay $14k for jumpers.


It is the wife of the bloke who owns Siltech.

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That sounds more like it :ok_hand: