High End Munich 2019: 9-12 May (annual Ruff Berder)


Ok, who’s planning to go?

Assuming things are good on the home front and providing I can get some reasonably timed and priced flights, I am planning to be there again.




No, not planning to go this year, going to buy some Hifi instead :grin:


Hmm, quite fancied going for the first time, but will have to choose between this and record buying trip to US.


Hoping to go.


Records, records, records !

Who wants to look at record players ? There’s a perfectly good thread for that sort of gubbins here.


Would like to go. Every year I say I’ll go next year.


Once it gets as good as Bristol I’ll go


Plenty of record (and tape) buying opportunities at the show


me too !!!


You tease - you’ve seen tapes for sale at Munich?




The temptation to bring along an industrial magnet to post-show beers is strong.


There’s a couple of little tempters on this


I am planning to go, should be good again


I forgot about this when negotiating Lopwell and Settle, so I think I’ll be giving it a miss :rofl:


I would like to go. I’ll know whether I can go or not closer to the time.


Worse negotiator than Olly Robbins & that takes some doing.


I wanted to have my burger and eat it


Have you thought of joining the Brexit Team?