Hipsters sell a speaker

Questionable ‘hardware’ (Exciter stuck to plank) but the subscription ‘concept’ is curious.

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Yea, three hundred quid a year to listen to live stream music from a few dozen performers. I wonder who the money is behind this, I suspect no one and it will likely fizzle out.

I think the exclusive listening club idea has legs - There is obvious money behind this so it really depends on that being sustained and quality of the content creating further positive spin. Rolling lockdowns may also assist ?

Stronzetto Song Society

Live shows £5K per year


Undercover putin with Johnny Marr wig playing pianoist

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They’re made of wood, glass, cotton, and steel: materials that are humble and human, not technological.

Yes because I can frolic along to the woods, mince up to the stream and pick up wild glass and steel in just the right size and shapes I need to build my wanky boondoggle.
Yes wood and cotton are available from the woodland idyll but not in any form likely to help building a loudspeaker without the interference from that pesky technology.

A baseball bat with rusty nails coated in anthrax, sarin and 'rona to the brovaries for these massive bellends.