A thread to mock them.

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Those chicken, lemon & kale sausages look revolting…


Kill Them!
Kill Them All!

How many on here have hipster beards…

If we simply turn our backs and stop talking about them, then they will simply cease to exist (a bit like gods).

and I bet you at least two people aren’t wearing socks …

Normal breakfast. LOL


I thought these were hipsters… :thinking:

What counts as a hipster beard?

I had a beard as a young’un at a time it wasn’t the trendy thing to do.

Largely because I was errrr…lazy all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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@bmtell ?

Looks more like Coco…

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I just don’t understand fashion. Any fashion will inevitably become seen as ridiculous as fashion moves on through a couple of phases. I’ve never understood it. Although to be fair, I am wearing a pink jumper.

You are naked aren’t you?

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In your dreams. In your nightmares.

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Can you be a hipster if you’re over 60?

I like hipsters. We could do with a few more hipsters where I live. There would probably be more interesting places to eat, drink, buy records, clothes, coffee, etc,etc. Instead, we have the same homogenised, global shit as everywhere else, which is bland, bland ,bland.


I am growing a beard for the first time in a while. I noticed today that I now have many more grey hairs in my beard :frowning: