Holiday 2018

Ok, sick of being back to work, getting up in the dark, coming home from work in the dark.
It’s shit!
Been looking around for somewhere hot with beach etc. to keep sane.
Toyed with returning to N. Majorca (which we love), revisiting Ibiza or the Greek isles, or alternatively checking out somewhere new to us such as Corsica, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus etc.
Mrs LSD has found something at Corralejo in the Palmas.
Pictures look nice. Anyone been? Thoughts? Liked? Abandon hope??

Where’s everyone planning to go this year whilst we still have a burgundy passport?

No holiday again this year :crying_cat_face:


Camping in Cornwall. :+1:


Got a week in Paphos at Easter, a tour around Wales and a long weekend in Stockholm planned so far.

Oh, and Lopwell!

Barcelona to see the bro-in-law in Feb for touristy things.

Maybe Cyprus in the summer to slob around en famille.

Hopefully some biking in Snowdonia at Easter with a mate.

Potentially none of these if work goes tits up. :flushed:

We might have a day out on Unst again

Otherwise we’ll just have to make do with a walk to Tresta beach


Sidmouth folk week again for me. Can’t have enough diddly diddly


Bournemouth and Lyme Regis for my birthday in Feb.
Hungarian Grand Prix (Sept)
Buenos Aires in July (maybe)
France/Benelux a couple of times.
Whatever we think of once Narelle gets a job sorted.

We drive for hours to get to Devon :smile:


I’d love to come up that way, but the other half won’t have it.

Make of that what you will. :roll_eyes:

Bike tour of Wales and a bike tour of Belgium Luxembourg and Bavaria


Send her to Coventry and head up yourself. :+1:

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We’re thinking of driving to Germany, somewhere south west. Need to find somewhere to stay though.

The Eifel looks nice, although it’s more west than south-west. Still it has the Nurburgring and also Quad Musikwiedergabe both of which are fun to visit.


Napping daily - Reality is overrated.

We’re visiting the south of Majorca this year. :sunny::sunny::sunny:

Retire this May = perm. holiday.:grinning:


It’s the best :+1:

Salento (the very end of Italy’s heel). Lecce is a baroque masterpiece, there are lots of other towns to visit, great beaches, good food, good wine and a warm welcome.