Trying to find somewhere nice to go for a few days at Easter. It is all a bit spendy.

Going to have a few days away in Dorset this weekend. That’ll be lovely that will.


Ah, at last we know her name :+1:


Last minute week in lanzarote here.

It’s hot and the food is tasty. Lots of old folk mind you. Not a deal to look at. So to speak.


In Grumpy Old Git mode. Staying at home. Too many kids about at Easter.


I’m not telling you where I am going, as you might go there too. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Off to Mauritius in a few weeks for a bit of golf and r and r… :sunglasses:

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North or South of the island? :fearful:


East, why?


I am off to Lanzarote on Saturday for an el-cheapo week away as the kid’s mid-term is out of step with the rest of the local schools.

We have the use of a friend’s house in Valencia for Easter gratis. I plan on doing my post-Donald recuperation there.


I;m off to the NW in 3 weeks.


Week in Rome at start of May.


Well have a great time…:+1:


Nice is nice.

2 hr flight and 10min taxi ride


I’m having a few days in Munich, in May :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m being forced to accompany Narelle to southern Italy for a couple of weeks in June. Again :roll_eyes:

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Paris for a few days at the end of March.


I once went there by train(s). It took the whole day but was much nicer than flying.



I’ll buy you a drink if you are near playa blanca.

Off back Sunday.

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We fly in on 20th. Puerto del Carmen I think, but I haven’t checked as SWMBO is organising the flights, so I am happy to follow along. I’ll bung you a PM when we get in.


Twentieth is Monday and I will be back home.
Looks like it’s a fair old trek from playa anyway.

It’s going to be hot the next three days. Hope it lasts for you. Been dull today.