It’s a tan-off. I’m on the turn but Ivana has it… just.


Which one’s yours? :thinking:


That ring looks very tight, put on a tad of weight have we? :doughnut:


Water retention I reckon. Does need resized tho.


Why do people wear their wedding ring on the right hand?


The rings on view, apart from mine, aren’t wedding rings.

My wife is on the left and that isn’t her wedding ring. Peggy is in middle and ain’t married.

Anyhoo, I’ll have a right old bronzing tomorrow… going on the oil.


Do you anticipate any other rings to be on view, as per @murrayjohnson ?

The oil might come in handy…


Join up those freckles.


I have it on good authority that Jocklodytes just turn from pale blue to pink :roll_eyes:


That watch looks a bit small on your wrist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Is that a womans watch?


Interesting speakers in the tourist office!


Is that to keep tourists away?


Only the ones whose hearing extends beyond 10khz


Ear defenders provided.


I’m a bit disappointed, no Irish bar yet, but this is close…


You look good in a wig johnny


Last night tonight.

Baton needs to be handed over, johnybobby has left already without a bye or leave… who is next?



The saying is " by your leave ". What school did you went to?
BTW it’s 25c here and sunny :sunglasses:


Ffs … you’re worse than Jim for banging on about your holidays. :slight_smile:

Some people just like to get away for a short ten day break and not gloat about weather ‘n’ pivo.