this is specially for Louise who has always wanted to do it and it has just reopened.

We are also doing this train journey from Fort William


that looks brilliant - thanks Jim


Yes, that’s right. The UK glider altitude record of around 38000 feet was achieved there. My personal best is 14,700 so more to come!

Here’s a quick photo from one of my visits. The Dee valley with Lochs Kinord and Davan in the foreground and Morven behind.


Oh wow, I’ve not been in a glider for 31 years, when I was in the ATC. Think the highest I got was about 8000 ft, towed up by a Chipmunk iirc. Towed up by a clapped out yellow Landy at Burtonwood got us about 4000, unless it was really sunny, then you got really good thermals off the M62, but they needed quite tight turns to stay in them…


Off to Arnhem tomorrow for some battlefield touring with two of my brothers and the ol’fella, gonna start with 30 corps route and then Arnhem sites by bicycle


An auto tow behind a landy would probably have got you to more like 700-800’, I’d have thought - enough for a circuit and landing.

It’s a real shame that ATC gliding has all but become extinct these days.

Yes, it is quite a challenge to use thermals. You eventually develop a “sixth sense” that tells you when to tighten or broaden the turn. I don’t think anyone successfully taught anyone how to thermal. You can be taught how to fly accurately enough to achieve it and the rest you pick up by doing it.


Booked !!


Here we go again. The second leg of the Greenwich Meridian Trail starts tomorrow.

FRIDAY: Train and tubes to Canary Wharf. Then walk to Hoddesdon. Lunch perhaps here B&B in Hoddesdon. 25 miles.

SATURDAY: Hoddesdon to Buckland (the one on the A10 in Herts). Lunch perhaps in The Star at Standon. Being met by Mrs VB in the car at Buckland (accommodation is scarce in these parts so we’ll drive to The Woodman Inn at Nuthampstead). 23 miles.

SUNDAY: Buckland to Hardwick (west of Cambridge) then Mrs VB and I drive home. Might stop for lunch in Meldreth. 22 miles

After the first leg I exchanged a couple of e-mails with the organisers and they said that although they obviously haven’t spoken to everyone who’s walked the trail, as far as they know I’m the first one in its ten-year history to complete the first leg in just three days, which surprised me.



both the star and the woodman are great places…


That’s good to hear. I picked them off the internet because The Star is on the path and The Woodman is one of the nearest beds to it in that part of the world.



My Mother in Law has had a crappy last year or two, lost her Husband, daughter and son, all within 18 months of each other…

She’s never complained or moaned about it, and despite being 80, is venturing for her first holiday abroad…

She’s always dreamed of going to Venice, so I’m sending her and my B-I-Law for a few days there tomorrow…

Wishing they have a great time! :champagne:


Somewhat belatedly we are arranging to go to the US for the eclipse in August. One of my brothers lives in Columbus OH and his kids will need to be back in school the next day, so we picked a spot as close as we reasonably could to there. Here it is The ‘city’ appears to have no bars serving alcoholic beverages - maybe something to do with Tennessee’s dry past. However they do have


Both are within walking distance of the accommodation.



Or maybe Mary?


Certainly not Paul

It might be quite funny to turn up looking like this (… lorryload of interesting cheeses …).



Third leg this weekend.

FRIDAY: Train, tube, train and bus to Hardwick then walk to B&B just north of Chatteris. Lunch here 25 miles.

SATURDAY: On to Holbeach. Probably only time for a sandwich lunch from the rucksack. 28 miles - a long way for Day 2, but no choice as Sth Lincs is a B&B desert !

SUNDAY: Holbeach to Boston. Sunday lunch here all being well. 19 miles. I was brought up in Boston and still have family there.

The good news is that the landscape is DEAD FLAT (hurrah !). The bad news is that the weather might be warm. So I’ll need to top up the water bottles on the way and keep a sunhat handy for the back of my head and neck. No need for face protection though, given the direction of travel :slightly_smiling_face:.



got a colleague that lives in Chatteris - he doesn’t paint a pretty picture. All mad turnip growers by all accounts.

Its going to be boiling - i’d expect close to 30C


It appears that the only place to cross the River Welland is on the A17 so some main road trudging to do. The pub there looks nice though. Are you going cross country on footpaths after that?


Actually the path is essentially a footpath (incl very minor roads) to a small nature reserve about 1.5 miles east of the A17 Welland bridge. Then I’ll walk that 1.5 miles, heading west along the south bank of the river, cross the bridge and strike east again, turning slightly north east after a few hundred yards and up onto the old sea bank. So I shouldn’t have too much time on significant roads at all on Sunday.

Far and away the worst road experience promises to be tomorrow. I’m planning to try to cross the A14 at J28A just north of Lolworth (lol). There is in fact a gap in the central reservation Armco there, with a paved path through it. But given the weeds I can see on StreetView I suspect no-one’s made it from the verge to the central reservation for quite a while. It looks like being an exciting few seconds …



Danger! Danger!:zap:


Yup. I was brought up in Boston. Barley barons - them’s my people.

The temperature shouldn’t be too bad tomorrow. But Saturday and Sunday look a bit fierce. The only saving grace is that there will be a bit of a westerly blowing. And, as they say, “It’s a dry heat” that far east.