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Now you’ve got the time to do all those things you never got around to…she said :smiley:

So here goes: dry cured bacon, using the River Cottage method that was posted in the condiments thread recently.

Day 1.
2kg of good (boneless) pork belly - my butcher assured me that it hasn’t had any water or chemicals pumped into it. :+1:

Curing mixture: 50/50 salt and light demerara sugar, crushed juniper berries, cracked black peppercorns, ground white pepper and shredded dried bay leaves.

Now into the fridge until tomorrow…


Wotching with intredast :+1:


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Oh yes.

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Problem is Jim, I suspect that will ruin you. Shop-bought bacon will unbearable after you’ve had that.

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It doesn’t look a big job though, plus it will keep / freeze.

However, standards have been set for Jim’s first post lockdown bakeoff.

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where are you going to hang it?

Are we going to need a ‘Which bacon slicer’ thread?


I’m very much hoping that it’s tastier than the dry cured bacon we’ve been buying (since we moved here) from the same butcher that the belly came from, as it’s half the price. :grinning:

Yes, the recipe is simple. I’ll be slicing and freezing in it breakfast sized portions :+1:

Not totally sure - probably in the wine cellar (aka the cupboard under the stairs)

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Don’t let Loo near that for Gods sake.

Had a look at them on the 'net, can be had for as little as £70. But I’ll probably try cutting it by hand first.

You savage. Where’s the fun in a knife?

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If you haven’t already… grab one of these as a slicing thickness guide Jim…Lenghtwise just for the sake of clarity :rofl:



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On a slightly more serious note, I eat quite a lot of bacon and some folk out there are of the opinion that commercial curing salt containing saltpetre (nitrates/nitrites) is carcogenic. That’s why I’m not using it in my curing mix.


But, but, that’s measuring Roger :grimacing:

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Nagh…Just line it up and slice away…Thick cut FTW

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we got one - it is quite old now, but it is a handy gadget to have. Our motor sounds like it might pack up soon, and the plastic gear wheels look like they might shed all their teeth soon.

According to people who know more about this stuff than I do, manual slicers are definitely the way forward. The heat generated by the motors on an electrical slicer can start to melt the fat on the bacon, which you don’t really want. I recommend this:



That looks remarkably similar to the one @NAM uses :wink:

Would you like my old one? I managed to get pretty much all of the fur out of it.