Hope Replaces Dippy

Change for the sake of it, :poop:


That is soooooo wrong.

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Bones is bones.

Dippy was plaster, don’t know about Hope, probably what’s left over from a Japanese research project.

Fucking awesome, I assume they have plastered over the explosive harpoon impact crater. The staff will have to go some to get a shag in that!

I thought 'dippy was going on tour

Here you go, reaching Fetlar late 2020


My kids have voted Meh to Hope. Dippy is viewed as being irreplaceable. I’m suggesting they boycott the museum shop when we next visit as I’m still hurting from last time☹️

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No, evolution surely (unless you’re in the DUP, of course) ?


Having watched the Horizon programme on the switch over, despite being a monumental logistical task, it looked a bit cheaper than a date with the Dups.

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