Horn for RAAL's Suggestions please

I would like have a go at making some horns for my RAAL’s -Approx size as the SEOS version

Can anyone verify that CD horn is the best to go for?
The plan is to make the horn up from 10 x 9mm stacked strips of plywood but I am unsure how to calculate the sectional changes. Is it possible there is a excel spreadsheet out there with which I can calculate the widening so I can make an assembly jig?


What are you trying to achieve? I reckon that the ones I’ve seen would only do anything at the very bottom of the frequencies you might use RAALs, so I’m not sure they would always have any benefit unless you wanted to go 2-way and push down the crossover frequency.

I do not need additional efficiency - So lower LF and better spread is expectation
1200 or even 1000hz LF from them would be great

I could do a copy of the SEOS if I knew what shape it was or happy for 2x that size if the LF would improve

Yeah that’s what I’d seen, must be about a 600Hz horn, hence the 1200Hz indication.

Chris V created some software for this, but I’m not sure it can cope with the rectangular throat. @coco used the output of it I think for designing some pleasingly mad stuff.