Horn tweeters

Hi, anyone here who uses Fostex 900/500a/925
Coral H100/104
various JBl (2404/2405/075/077/045BE
Onken 5000T
TAD ET 703

This is a Bengal Tiger horn loaded tweeter

Put. The. Bong. Down.

Nice cat though.

It’s Keith’s, don’t know his forum id, he owns the celestion axiperiodic. In audioland, a man is known by the drivers he owns

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@keith1962 :grinning:

Was this your cat?

If you’re talking about Purite Keith, he doesn’t frequent this forum…

He’s not.


I’ll definitely have to go for a listen then!

Yep, Leo the Bengal. Little fucking shit that he is.
And he is Gwen’s cat not mine!
Waking up in the middle of the night at the minute doing that.
Three points for a drop-kick if it goes on much longer😏!

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