Hotel Recommendtions - Liverpool


Wait till you see the museums, galleries and pubs we’ve got.


The nicest of the boutique Hotels is the Hope Street Hotel which is in the Georgian district. The city centre, museums, Albert Dock, the best restaurants are all within walking distance and Lime Street Station is an easy cab journey. It is a safer bet than many of the other city centre hotels which appear to be dormitories for the visiting herds of hen/stag party attendees or those on the tear in the clubs. Jury’s etc gets a lot of the football visitors.

The cooked breakfasts are epic, and some of the best pubs in the centre of town are just around the corner.
Hope this helps.


I stayed here a few weeks ago, very nice hotel.


Don’t know that joint. I might have a look as it looks ok. Was it noisy when you were there?


No noise that I remember. Although I did roll in pissed at 1am, so pretty much passed out on impact.


By the sound of it, yes, but not when he wasn’t.


Fuck, that must have been some impact…


any updated recommendations? Looks like we are headed to Liverpool for two nights in July for some Wiley and Steflon Don.


Still can’t go past the Hope Street Hotel IMHO

There are some really nice restaurants in the area too. If you are going to the gig in the Sefton Park then it is a really nice 20 minute walk through the Georgian District and some nice parks from the HSH.


We went with The Pullman as everywhere was very busy due to it being Easter


Yep that’s top of my list


I’ll sort you out a list of places to eat and drink when I get a chance. I presume all within walking/stumbling distance is preferable (there are loads)?


booked the HSH, it looks great, much appreciated - we’ll have one free day/night on the Friday, and the gig is on Saturday


I stayed in the Aloft in Munich.

It was shit.


HaHa, it was called Toxteth when I lived there…


It still is. It is just short hand for the touristy bit with the cobbled streets (near the University) that the Luftwaffe missed.


My twin sister lived in one of the Georgian terraces in Percy St until she sadly passed away.


Sorry to hear that @Jim. Percy Street is all broken up into flats now. I looked a buying a house on the left as you turn in off Canning Street. Lovely houses though. It says ‘Georgian Quarter’ in fucking huge letters on the map, which I didn’t realise: