Hotels near-ish to Twickenham. Heathrow?

I’m biting the bullet and taking FoL#2 to se ENG v SA in the autumn internationals.

Naturally all the hotels nearby, even the travelodges are either booked out or really expensive.

Heathrow T4 Premier Inn is reasonably priced though, but how easy is it to get to the stadium from there, public transport only, I’ll definitely be having a drinkie. I assume there’s going to be the worlds amount of Ubers etc?

According to google the 490 bus runs every 12 mins

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Amazing what information you can find on the internet if you look. It’s like we’re living in some magical age where information is piped to your own home. :disguised_face:


Stay anywhere near the line to Twickenham station. Get off the train and have a few in the Cabbage Patch before and after. You will enjoy the Cabbage Patch.

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I reckon Rob might even have suitable qualifications to walk it…

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The whole area around Twickers grinds to a halt on matchday with road closures etc. I wouldn’t expect buses to be running as normal
Anywhere within reach of Richmond would be fine.
When I used to go regularly we always had a few in Richmond (the only time the police have thrown me into a pub) and then walk to the ground from there.
It is a bit of a walk but half the crowd will also be doing it.
Twickenham station itself is OK if you are going straight to the match, All the trains that would normally go staright through Twickenham stop there on match day.

For your hotel search anywhere along the line from Clapham Junction to Richmond will work

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fuck that shit off, i do enough of that at work!

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That’s Settle talk, that is

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Looks like Staines Travelodge is cheap enough, 10 mins on the train from Twickenham, and loads of trains running until nearly 1 in the morning.

Any reason I should want to avoid the place?

Yes, it is Staines, which has very little going for it, but if all you are looking for is a base to get your head down it will be fine.

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Cool, we intend to book in, drop the bags, get the train to Twickers, grab some lunch, and start drinking. Go to the match, continue drinking, then after the match get some dinner and continue drinking some more, around midnight get the train back and collapse into bed.

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Staines on Thames actually.

Far more choice and availbilty of pubs, restuarants etc in Richmond
If you get a return train ticket for Staines to Richmond then you have all your options open.

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Even the road signs don’t call it that!

That’s the plan then.