House sales bullshit

If the property is in a high demand 1% discunt max.

Deal done, 1%, I’ll get the home report scam sorted out and she can have whatever furniture etc is in the house that she would like.

Everyone is happy. It’s a lovely house, however the market is really slow, it would have sold but the ballache of chains etc leaves me cold and as I don’t live anywhere near, the thought of a protracted sale approaching winter and Christmas can get to fuck.

Hopefully it’ll turn out reet. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. :slight_smile:



Charge as much as they will pay. No such thing as a hassle free sale. If they have cash and can complete in a couple of weeks or somesuch then you could give a 1% discount in exchange for a 20% deposit if paid within say 3 days.

Fuck, next time I shall have to be arsed to read the last post. Fuck it, ditch the 1% discount, that sold way too easily :slight_smile: Bung the price up by 1%, let your inner cunt free.