House sales bullshit

Just a quickie, I’m entrenched in social venom and having to deal with estate agents in the selling of my late father’s house…

As it turns out, I may have happened across a private buyer, the mother of a neighbour. What is normal etiquette? I haven’t agreed to any agreement with an agent yet, only had one round to value the place so far.

What, as a rule of thumb, would be a discount percentage? Just agent fees and a couple of thou for a quick sale?

Hating this so much.

You’ve not signed a contract with them so fuck em. Thieving bastards that they are.

If they kick off about it just tell them you have it advertised privately else where, put a two liner ad in the local rag and say you sold it through that.


I think you’ve missed the point. Surely, he’s talking about a discount for the potential buyer.

Ahh, gotcha. In that case discount the house by 1% (agents fees).

If you’ve not signed a contract with estate agent and only had a valuation it’s no problem you are free to sell it how you please.
The price you sell for is up to you, but friend or not don’t let them talk you out of too much of your money.

Agreed, but a cash no chain sale and no estate agents to deal with is worth every penny of of a 1% discount.

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So really just agent fees. … there is nothing else really that should be discounted?

For a hassle free, guaranteed sale, I’d give a 2% discount any day of the week.

Maybe even 3% (the cost of sale, overall would be close to this, anyway) as an incentive.

Copy that

a very long time ago - I bought a house that I was renting and living in from the landlady. To facilitate a quick sale without estate agents etc she gave me a £2k discount which at the time equated to about 3.3%

Remember to hire in The House Doctor to paint everything Magnolia first :+1:

Brown ceilings for the win.


You’re a genius… !!!

A brown ceiling… I likes a brown ceiling will instantly add value.

I’ll get me brushes

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Make sure you wear your Rolex on the outside of your jumper when negotiating.


Show some compassion man.


Remember when they get the survey they are likely to push you for a bit more. Keep a bit up your sleeve.

Do you know what the value really is? I would suggest getting in several valuations first. Once you understand what it would market for and what you should expect to get, you can negotiate with your potential buyer, but I would only expect a 1-2% discount on the “expect to get” price. If it’s in real demand you could be doing the estate out of a considerable sum.

You should also document the valuations, so you can prove to all beneficiaries that you have acted in the best interest of the estate. Last thing you want is a family dispute.

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Still got the Settle fire log? That’d do the ceiling nicely. :smiling_imp:

Ha !! Yes it is still in the boot.

Thanks for all replies a couple of percent seems to be a good compromise.